COVID-19 Information - CARES Reporting

The purpose of this page is to gather all information concerning the Coronavirus and its impact at Tri-County Career Center - Adult Center. This will include how we handled the CARES Act Emergency Fund Section 18004(a)(1) and reporting required. We will add any other information we feel is necessary.

Tri-County Career Center - Adult Center has developed a plan for each program. Each program's instructor is the contact person for program-specific questions. The Instructors and/or the Student Services Supervisor will be in contact with all students.

CARES Act HEERF Reporting

30-Day Initial Reporting - Due 6/20/2020 - Posted 6/11/2020

45-day Second Reporting - Due 8/3/2020 - Posted 7/23/2020

9/30/20 HEERF Quarterly Report - Posted 10/28/2020

12/30/20 HEERF Quarterly Report - Posted 2/10/2021

3/31/21 HEERF Quarterly Report (FINAL) - Posted 4/7/2021

9/30/21 HEERF Quarterly Report (FINAL) - Posted 10/4/2021

9/30/21 HEERF Quarterly Report (Institutional) - Posted 10/4/2021

12/30/21 HEERF Quarterly Report - Posted 1/3/2022

12/31/21 Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting for HEERF



Program Information

Nursing Assistant classes have been resumed. - Posted 7/1/2019

The ASPIRE Lab at Tri-County has been temporarily closed due to COVID-19. - Posted 7/7/2019

The ASPIRE Lab at Tri-County has reopened. - Posted 10/5/2021